Gabby Killick

Eastern Conscience

Eastern Conscience is a film that tells the story of two human traffickers who are trying to kidnap a wealthy English girl from London and sell her into sex slavery. The film also looks at the lives of other people who have either been directly involved with human trafficking or are victims of it. Although the subject its very dark the film sometimes can look comical because of the interactions between the characters whom are all very different from each other . The film is based on real events but the story is fictional and the locations or even origins of the characters are not always told. The film has an open sense of direction which doesn’t seem to directly concentrate on the main story line and leaves a lot to the imagination of the viewers. All the characters are very different from each other making the scenes very contrasting. The images shown are very powerful and full of very intriguing interactions. 

Gabrielle Killick plays Sarah Sharp the sister of the victim who has been bought into sex slavery. 

Set to be released in 2018.