Gabby Killick

From 2nd to 27th of August, GABBY KILLICK: CONVERSATIONS WITH MY AGENT, Edinburgh


Gabby will be performing her new comedy show “Conversations with my Agent” every day from the 2nd to the 27th of August at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival TICKETS HERE. :

Don’t joke about that!’ Gabby’s agent hissed down the phone. In a world where everyone is getting cancelled, Gabby must learn to do what she’s told but has always had a problem with being muzzled. Throughout this hilarious, twisted and uncomfortable tale, you can expect Gabby to deliver outstanding multi-character comedy and speak uncomfortable truths that others dare not say. In the show you’ll meet Shocking Diseases, Unreliable Contraceptives and Depressed Apps amongst many other exciting edgy characters. Come and see Gabby and her agent battle it out over what makes the final cut.