Gabby Killick


Gabrielle Killick can only be described as breaking talent.

Whether she is acting, presenting or performing stand-up comedy, Gabrielle has an extraordinary ability to wow the audience.

Although just 23, she has already taken a one woman show to Edinburgh, won Birmingham’s best newcomer award at the Birmingham festival and taken a leading role in the new British feature film, “No Fruit At The Bottom”.

Her stand-up comedy show, “Girlfriend From Hell”, has played at some of the UK’s most iconic venues and has even taken the show internationally and performed as the headline act at The Tunnel in Vienna, Austria. She has even tried her hand at TV presenting and modelling.

Gabrielle graduated from the Birmingham School of Acting in 2015 and distinguished herself with her ability to play a wide variety of roles – whether it is an angry teenager or a crotchety old woman, her acting talent is obvious from the start.

Its’s the same with her stand-up comedy. Both her first show, “May I Take Your Order”, and her new show, “Girlfriend from Hell”, have been performed to sell-out crowds in venues as far apart as Edinburgh, Birmingham, London, Twickenham and Windsor.

Birmingham Life magazine has already publicly backed Gabrielle for an Oscar. It’s a long road but she is very definitely on her way.