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LINES The Underground Cabaret

 Gabby Killick is the creator of LINES the underground cabaret. LINES showcases the very best undiscovered talent in comedy, music, burlesque and more. TIME OUT and GQ Magazine both listed LINES in the “coolest things to do in London section” this year. TIME OUT – GQ – LINES is dedicated to bringing you top quality performances across all entertainment genres. Every performer on LINES is breaking talent and represents the cutting edge of the underground, entertainment & cabaret scene. So if you want to support the arts, be wowed, shocked and left crying with laughter come to this show!

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New Music Video- Gabby Killick & DRE4MS -Pose

POSE is Gabby Killick’s  new song… it’s a love letter to the Instagram generation, the soundtrack to social media addiction & an  anthem for the basic b**** You can download the track here

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“Uninstalled” a mini online comedy series…

Uninstalled is mini online  comedy series that follows the misadventures of Gabby, a woman whose life is run and ruined by her app addiction. In this provocative and insightful series, Gabby’s phone apps come to life but only she knows they are there…. All the characters written & performed by Gabby Killick… Uninstalled -Part I- Uninstalled -Part II- Be Less Like Yourself -Part 3- Chatting Shit -Part 4-

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