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No Fruit At The Bottom

Winner – Prague International Monthly Film Festival – Best Feature Film Winner – The Lift-Off Sessions, Lift-Off Global Network –Best  Feature Live Action Narrative Winner – Awesome Film Festival – Best Feature Film Winner – World Film Carnival Singapore –Best  Narrative Features No Fruit at the Bottom’ is a tragic lothario story where the main character ‘Ashley’ breaks the fourth wall and talks directly to us, the audience. A loose homage to the Michael Caine movie ‘Alfie,’ but instead of a loveable misguided rogue who is quick to throw out only the odd quip and cheeky smile, we have a protagonist who is a much more damaged individual willing to reveal his inner philosophy. He is a social chameleon and every boy and girls nightmare; manipulative, toxic, intelligent, analytical and without conscience. Looking to hurt anyone who blindly drifts into his orbit. Suffering a childhood trauma, he wants everyone to hurt…

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Balcony Comedy Show Lockdown London 2020

Gabby performs a special comedy show from her balcony in London for her Lockdown neighbours. Gabby broadcasted the show LIVE on social media and the show became a viral hit! More than 303,605 tuned into watch and 70,000 people liked it on the famous meme page I’m Just Bait alone.

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Masturbation In Isolation – poem goes viral in Lockdown –

During Lockdown Gabby writes and records a rap called ‘Masturbation in Isolation’ in a local field by her house. The song became an over night viral sensation and currently has 276,277 views and received over 45,000 likes on the famous meme page I’m Just Bait. The song is a cover to The Real Slim Shady by Eminem.

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