Gabby Killick

Down On The Upside (POSTPONED)

Due to the pandemic, production for Down on the Upside has been postponed, and will resume in the new year. .

When session drummer Magdalena ‘Mags’ Lovering is diagnosed with Type C Hepatitis, resolving to do something meaningful in the time she has left, she sets about reforming the only band that ever meant anything to her, and opts to return to the scene from where she came from.
All the while, manager and former super-fan Jaclyn Endino discovers that her career is also on borrowed time, with her soon-to-be replacement starting in the record industry. With a month to finish her tenure and tie up any loose ends, she decides to throw caution to the wind and takes on the newly reformed Dyke Food as a personal project with the possibility of delivering in her final hour and saving her uncertain future, and taking the spotlight from the dysfunctional Lost Caesar, who’s shows are more likely to end in violence than an encore.
All the while, Jaclyn’s replacement struggles through the nature of the industry, desperately trying to avoid the politics, all the while trying to wrangle her old college friend Lucy, an easy-going joker who’s fallen on hard times, and quietly desperate to escape from her own bad decisions.
With a ticking clock, the band race to establish themselves, hurry out material and claw back everything from the ashes. When was anything so simple?

Gabby Killick will be playing Lucy in the film.