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★★★★ Gonzo Magazine review for, Gabby Killick: CONVERSATIONS WITH MY AGENT

Oh. My. God. What did I just witness? One hour of stand-up comedy from Gabby Killick, obviously. But the actual experience of it is very difficult to put into words. Her show was like an amusement park (of comedy). I can explain it to you with my sentences and my use of adjectives, but you won’t really feel any of the real impact of it until you actually buy a ticket and take a ride on Gabby’s weird and wonderful show. Some of it was deeply unsettling yet brilliantly funny at the same time, and some of it was so unexpected that I almost peed my pants from laughing and sniggering, crying and cringing. Full review:

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Mumble Comedy give 4🌟🌟🌟🌟to Gabby Killick – Conversations with my Agent

Gabby Killick is a straight talking lass and even Conversations with her Agent didn’t seem to change her mindset. Never fazed, never listening, Gabby bulldozes her way through 1 hour of stand up comedy sketches with her agent habitually breathing down her neck. Full article here:

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Conversations with my Agent 4.5**** – One4Review

From the start Gabby bursts on to the stage with enthusiasm that flows through the whole show. The welcoming interaction and introductions with the audience gives her initial material to work with to the amusement of everyone else.   Full article here:

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Birmingham Mail

On Sunday, former Best Newcomer at the festival and Birmingham School of Acting graduate Gabby Killick brings her show Girlfriend From Hell to Mama Roux in Digbeth. Barbara Nice plays the Old Rep and there’s a completely FREE Half-Dayer at Cherry Reds and The Victoria, with the likes of James Cook and Andy Robinson. Check it out here

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Timeout London

Dam Presents Mam Sham’s Eat Your Heart Out Laugh now, cry later at Mam Sham’s Eat Your Heart Out comedy/dining experience. There will be a three-course menu inspired by the stories of the comedians performing on the night: the self-described Girlfriend From Hell Gabby Killick, duo Lola and Jo and Thom Morgan. The menu is devised by up-and-coming Patty&Bun Development Chef Luke Findlay. Treat the one you love to a slap up meal and some jokes. And if you can’t be with the one you love, at least you’ll be with food. Check it out here

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