Gabby Killick


Beyond The Joke Interview

  Character comedian Gabby Killick returns to the Gilded Balloon with a new show ‘Conversations With My Agent’. This is her fourth solo show at the Fringe. All her previous shows – ‘Game Of Thongs’, ‘Girlfriend From Hell’ and ‘The Bitch Is Back’ were sell-outs. Full article here:

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Gabby Killick: Conversations With My Agent INTERVIEW for THREE WEEKS EDINBURGH

As is fairly well established, we interview quite a lot of comedy acts when it’s Fringe time, and quite often we speak to young, green newcomers, which is lovely. But it’s also great to speak to those with a bit of a track record, because here at ThreeWeeks we love getting to know the people who come back to the Edinburgh Festival every year. Gaby Killick has already brought three solo shows to the Festival, and returns this year with her fourth, ‘Conversations With My Agent’, from which you can expect some typically eclectic material involving characters, songs and sketches. I spoke to Gaby to find out more about this year’s show, her relationship with Edinburgh, and what keeps drawing her back to edfringe. Full interview here:

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Interview for Voice Mag

Gabby Killick is bringing her show GAME OF THONGS to Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Gabby talks to us about her love for Britney, what she’d be doing if she wasn’t a comedian, and offers some great advice to future comedians. Full interview here

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