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The Morning After

*Presented as part of Birmingham Fest 2015*  Just spent three days playing Niamh in The Morning After, a fantastic new play by Darren Heywood.  It’s a modern take on a comedy of manners with a great opening scene. Niamh wakes up in a flat with a guy she doesn’t know (Sam / Jacob Wright) and neither can remember the night before.  Then they discover there’s a hooker sleeping in the bath (Echo / Kimesha Campbell) and she’s the only one who has any idea of how they all got there.  The audience loved it and the play got some great reviews  “The show was superb…..Gabby Killick delivers a hilarious monologue leaving the audience in fits of laughter” / “The text is incredibly witty…..Killick’s comic timing is great” / “It’s bostin…laugh out loud funny with an seemingly inexhaustible set of surprises” / Lichfield Live A comedy about the fall-out of the all…

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This Happy Breed @ The Crescent Theatre

This Happy Breed is one of Noel Cowards rare depictions of the suburban London life from which he came from. Set between WW1 and WW11, the play follows the lives of the Gibbions family. With its mix of politics and melodrama its quintessential British drama and a classic mid- 20th century writing. Gabrielle Killick performs the role of Mrs Flint in this adaptation. Her director John Adams said ‘gabby did very well in performance, presenting a brave and consistent clownish version of a very quirky old lady’ 18th – 21st of February at the Crescent Studio Main House

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Days of Significance @ Crescent Studio Theatre

‘On the eve of their departure for active service, two young soldiers join their friends to binge drink the night away. Their complex love lives and mortal fears directly impact on their tour of duty and reveal how the naive and malformed moral codes of these young men have catastrophic reverberations for the West’s moral authority.’ Gabrielle played the role of Trish in this production. Her director Mark Field said ‘Gabby created something very brave and beliveable and tapped into some dangerous sides of herself to make the character strong.’

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